About us

NATURO Dmochowski & Czyleko is a knowledgeable company in Poland offering consultative services in the field of environmental protection since 2007.

The general scope of our services is presented below:

  • environmental impact assessment in order to obtain environmental approval,
  • wildlife inventories (flora, fauna, fungia),
  • environmental impact assessment in spatial planning,
  • reports on water and law matters,
  • analysis and monitoring of operating industrial facilities,
  • ecological reviews.

We have a vast experience of undertaking complex assessments in many development sectors, such as:

  • energy industry, including:
    – generation (wind, photovoltaics, biogas, biomass, hydro),
    – transmission (high pressure gas pipelines, high-voltage lines),
  • road infrastructure,
  • water retention,
  • service and tourist infrastructure.

Furthermore, as a team we have:

  • performed more than 100 wildlife inventories,
  • environmentally supervised, inter alia:
    – construction of the main railway,
    – revitalization of Gdansk old town – „Wyspa Spichrzow” („Granaries Island”),
  • environmentally monitored working:
    – wind farms,
    – sludge incinerator in Gdansk sewage treatment plant.

References from our business partners in Poland with whom we have cooperated only since 2016 are available here.

Contact details are available here.